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Welcome to Georgetown Community Radio

We are a non profit 501C(3) organization dedicated to bringing the art of local radio to the Georgetown community. This is a labor of love for us and we would love to hear from others who share our passion. What you hear today is what we like. What would you like to hear? If you are interested in helping, have questions or comments, you can contact us at:

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2016 December 14:
Our call sign changed from KXPW to KGTN. This brings a familiar call back home to some locals.

2016 December 7:
We filed with the FCC to change our call sign to KGTN. This call used to be in Georgetown years ago on what is now known as KHFI. The change will become effective December 14th.

2016 December 2:
Listen Online: Click Here

2016 November 30:
After testing our new automation system for the past 60 days, it is now on the air. This new system provides us a much tighter transition between songs and has an improved scheduler to keep the program from sounding too repetitive. We changed directions after evaluating Rivendell and discovering another system called PlayOUtOne.

2015 October 26:
The FCC has approved our application for transfer of control. With this step checked off the list, we will now start making significant improvements to the station.
Two Dell R710 servers are on the way. One will be used for the automation system, the other will serve as a network accessible storage unit for all of the delicious uncompressed WAV format audio files we are in the process of bringing to the station. WAV files are very large but without any compression, they sound the best.

Our audio storage server will start with a capacity of 20 Terabytes. Up until now the station has been running on a basic free automation program called Zara Radio.
The new system is Linux based and will run a program called Rivendell.

2015 August 1:
An Application for Transfer Of Control has been filed with the FCC. You can see a copy here: