Local Artists

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Published: Sunday, 04 March 2018
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Alex Winters     Brian Mullin     The Detentions     Roy Headrick     Valor and Lace     

Ginger Hill     Ross Williams      Banana Nightmare     Sean Russell       

The Wooly Vicars      Edmin Navarro     Sweet Red    Them Duquaines     

Steven James & the Jaded     Terri Hendrix     Phil Greer,      JJ Rapscallion   

Michael Chapman          Snakeboy Shiner     John Mcdonough     Toruga Shades     

Craig Marshal     Trent Minter     Memphis Key     Annie and Kate     Ken Covington     

The Barnyard Boys     Beth Blu       Avery Logan     Dapnhe Adams     Charley Weyler     

Morgan Nicole Band     John Tolly     American Gypsy Band     Evan Ogden     

David Bar &  Heirborn     MorningStar   Tough on Fridays     Celeste Castello   

Garrett Glover      Reed Barton     Jarrod Johnson     Lonesome John      Ray Prim     

Them Rust     Trevor Colin Whitmarsh     Emily Rose     Ronjo V     Garrett smill     

Debra Watson      Brett McMinn       The Kaye Pasa Trio     Robyn Ludwick   

Micheala Newman        Rachel Lauren    Justif      Billy Holt Band     Mateo Lopez     

Phillip Hardy     David Touchton      Mopac Band     The Staylyns     Alans Bones Davis   

Cam Dozier     Dale Watson     Colin Huntly   Beth Noble     Rachel Bollinger     

Ginger Rigged   Mai' Tso Wells     Anna Bella     Bethany Becker     Mikaela Kahn   

Howlin Waters     Terry Reinhackel     Darla Bower Music     Evelyn Billington       

Beth James Band      Kate Elizabeth      Michael Barker     Will Courtney      

Ella Reid    Austin Upchurch       Fair Sway      Greg Miller     Justice Cammack

Our Sponsors

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Published: Friday, 02 March 2018
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Ponderosa Pet Resort  2815 N Austin Ave, Georgetown TX 78626

Joe Farris Insurance  3613 Williams Dr Ste 704, Georgetown TX 78628

Roots Bistro on the Square  118 W 8th St, Georgetown TX 78626 

La Playa Mexican Restaurant N Austin Ave Georgtown, TX 78626

Kenz Guitars 705 S Main St, Georgetown TX78626

Paisano's Trattoria and Pizza 1211 Leander Rd, Georgetown, TX 78628

Diva Chicks Boutique on the Square 109 E 7th St, Georgetown, TX 78626

Atelier Thomas Anselment 103 N Austin Ave Ste 210 Georgetown, TX 78626

Titan Pest Management 4100 Sunrise Rd Ste 150 Round Rock, TX 78665

Progressive Office Systems 10 Spring St Georgetown TX, 78626

ABC Scrubs Located in the Two Rivers Shopping Area






Sponsors for the Weather 2017

Gumbo's North 701 Main St, Georgetown, TX 78626

Marco's Pizza

Full House BBQ

Renew Med Spa 

Mikey V's Foods on the Square

All Things Kids   






Welcome to Georgetown Community Radio

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Published: Saturday, 16 November 2013
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KGTN 106.7 (Power Radio Corporation) is a non-profit 501c3 low power FM station that covers Georgetown, Texas and a bit of the surrounding area, aimed at serving the community and playing a variety of good music.  We are focused on giving local artists (with original music) the opportunity to have their songs on the radio and are entirely run on a volunteer basis, backed by donations from the community and sponsors.

 All Donations tax deductible.


This is a labor of love for us and we would love to hear from others who share our passion. What would you like to hear? If you are interested in helping, have questions or comments, you can contact us at:


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phone Number: 512-763-0755

Facebook : Click Here



2018 March 31: Come out to the Georgetown Sheraton to hear Melody Copeland live... from 8pm to 11pm, Live on air at 9pm

2018 March 24: Come out to the Sheraton to hear Dan Guevara live... from 8pm to 11pm, Live on air at 9pm

2018 March 10Come out to the Sheraton to hear Brett McMinn live... from 8pm to 11pm, Live on air at 9pm

2018 March 3Come out to the Sheraton to hear Brian Mullin live... from 8pm to 11pm, Live on air at 9pm

2018 March 2: Tonight we will be Live from Roots Bistro kicking off a First Fridays Live Music Series at 7pm till 8. Tonights Local Artist is David Touchton.

2018 February 18: Listen Live to JJ Rapscallion and Sunshine Willli on the air at 3pm Today from Mesquite Creek Outfitters.... 

2018 February 17: Daniel Guevara Live at the Sheraton, come out with us and listen to Dan from 8 till 11pm or listen live from9-10pm

2018 February 10: Tonight at the Georgetown Sheraton we will be Live with Brett Mcminn. Come out to Jack's Lounge and join us or listen live from 9pm to 10pm

2018 January 27: Thanks to Atelier Thomas Anselmen German Certified Master Goldsmith for now Sponsoring 106.7 KGTN  https://www.facebook.com/renee.stennett.9/posts/10208725059923504

2018 January 27: Come out to Jacks Lounge inside the Georgetown Sheraton for Dan Guevara at 6pm or listen on KGTN 106.7 at 7pm

2018 January 26: Listen Thursday thru Sunday during the day and hear Alex Winters Line up where local artist are performing in the Georgetown Area

2018 January 24: Thanks to Thrivent Financial for becoming a Sponsor of KGTN

2018 January 9:  Thank you Ironman Pipe and Steel For Becoming a Sponsor of KGTN

2018 January 8: Thank You Ponderosa Pet Resort for becoming a Sponsor of KGTN

2018 January 6: Tonight Live at the Georgetown Sheraton Hotel with Brian Mullin .... live from 7pm to 8pm

2017 November 25: Come out to the Sheraton to hear Brett McMinn live... from 7pm - 8pm

2017 November 21:  We Would like to Thank Joe Farris Insurance for joining with us as a sponsor of KGNT

2017 October 28: Live Broadcast from The Georgetown Sheraton. Come out and Listen to Great Music at 6pm or listen Live on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 October 6,7,8: Join the non-profit "Come Hell or High Water" organization for a series of live concerts to benefit those effected by Hurricane Harvey. Please Check hellorhighwaterconcerts.com for more information. KGTN will be Live from the Roots Bistro, the Georgetown Sheraton and the last day at Hardtail's. 

2017 September 29: KGTN would like to Thank, Progressive Office Systems as a Sponsor of 106.7

2017 September 19: Thank You to, Titan Pest Control for becoming a Sponsor of 106.7 KGTN.

2017 September 16: Beth "Blu" Hopkins at the Sheraton Georgetown on air Live from &pm to 8pm

2017 September 15:  We would like to welcome Progressive Office Systems as a Sponsor.

2017 September 8: Join us we will be airing Alex Winters Birthday Bash at Hardtails starting a 7pm until its over... 

2017 September 4: Pop Culture Tonight with Patrick Phillips Moves to Monday night at 7pm

2017 September 2: Live from the Sheraton in Georgetown from7pm-8pm with Dan Guevara 

2017 August 26: We will be going live from The Sheraton in Georgetown for Saturday Night Live Music From 7pm to 8pm with Mikeala Kahn.

2017 August 19: KGTN would like to thank Rentch Brewery for providing us with a venue to go live on the air... For the Summer Music Series.. We Appreciate all they have done for us and Look forward to Joining them next year for the 2018 Summer Music Series from their location!!! 

2017 Ausust 12: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Kate Elizabeth on air from 7-9pm

2017 August 5: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Memphis Kee on air from 7pm - 8pm

2017 July 29: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Charlie Weyler on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 July 28: Thank you Rob Hipp and Ken Covington.. for our new Wednesday morning show "Good Morning Georgetown" that will air every Wednesday at 7am to 9am. Check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GoodMorningGTX/ 

2017 July 22: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Brian Mullin on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 July 17: Thank you to ABC Scrubs for Sponsoring 106.7

2017 July 15: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Collin Huntley on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 July 8: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Kate Elizabeth and guest Evan Ogden.

2017 July 3: Thank you to The Stage Presents Players for becoming a sponsor of KGTN

2017 July 1: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Memphis Kee on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 June 24: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Justif on air from 7pm-8pm 

2017 June 17: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewery with Craig Marshal on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 June 10: Join us for Live Music at Rentch Brewerywith The Barn Yard Boys on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 June 9: Listen for the Weather every day from 7am to 3pm daily by Ken Covington at Kenz Gutairs

2017 May 20: Join us each Saturday for Live Music at Rentch Brewery, Tonight with Brian Mullin on air from 7pm-8pm

2017 March 27: We are now Playing Local Artists twice an hour

2017 January 21: Join Patrick Phillips with Pop Culture Tonight each Thursday evening at 5:30

2017 January 2: Listen Live to Rob Hipp with SHN Sports for Georgetown High School Sports

2017 January 1: KGTN would like to thank the following businesses for lending their voices for the new ID's and liners that are currently airing on the station.  Thank You to, Ken'z Gutairs, 600 Degrees Pizza, Gumbo's North, Quenanns Jewelers, Grape Creek Vinyards, mesquite Creek Outfitters, R.E. Heui and Associates,Roots Bistro, Paisanos, 29 West Realty Group, and Morales & Sparks 

2016 December 31:  We welcomeMorales & Sparks in Georgetown as a Sponsor. 

2016 December 31: We welcome Roots Bistro on the Square in Georgetown as a Sponsor. 

2016 December 31: We welcome 29 West Realty Group on the Square in Georgetown as a Sponsor. 

2016 December 31:  We welcome Paisan's Trattoria and Pizzeria on Leander Rd in Georgetown as a Sponsor 

2016 December 14:  Our call sign changed from KXPW to KGTN. This brings a familiar call back home to some locals.

2016 December 7:  We filed with the FCC to change our call sign to KGTN. This call used to be in Georgetown years ago on what is now known as KHFI. The change will become effective December 14th.

2016 December 2:  Listen Online: Click Here

 2016 November 30: Now featuring local Artist shortly after the top of the hour ever hour.

2016 November 30:  After testing our new automation system for the past 60 days, it is now on the air. This new system provides us a much tighter transition between songs and has an improved scheduler to keep the program from sounding too repetitive. We changed directions after evaluating Rivendell and discovering another system called PlayOUtOne.

2016 November 16:  We  welcome the Lone Star Amateur Radio Association (LSARA) as a Sponsor to help serve the Georgetown Community with KGTN

2016 November 4: We have added more music and there is more to come.

2016 May: Check out out new Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/radiogeorgetown.org/

2015 October 26:  The FCC has approved our application for transfer of control. With this step checked off the list, we will now start making significant improvements to the station.

Two Dell R710 servers are on the way. One will be used for the automation system, the other will serve as a network accessible storage unit for all of the delicious uncompressed WAV format audio files we are in the process of bringing to the station. WAV files are very large but without any compression, they sound the best.

Our audio storage server will start with a capacity of 20 Terabytes. Up until now the station has been running on a basic free automation program called Zara Radio.
The new system is Linux based and will run a program called Rivendell.

2015 August 1:  An Application for Transfer Of Control has been filed with the FCC. You can see a copy here:

2015 April: The start of something new